Getting organised for your LECTURES!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

9am lectures aren’t the best but this blog is to give you some ideas to make that 9am lecture a little bit easier.

1. Get a good sleep

If your lecture is at 9am, its not ideal to turn up hungover, on 45 mins sleep and you’re just there to get your mark, because nothing will enter your brain. For some, that can’t be avoided because you’re the only one out of your mates who has chosen that module. But when possible, getting a good nights sleep is vital to making the most of your lectures. The more you listen in a lecture the more information you’re going to obtain and this therefore makes it easier when you’re studying. It also saves you watching back the stream lectures (if your university has them).

2. Keep a diary for dates

In most lectures dates are given, I know they’ll be online, but its best to get them written down to be the most prepared. The when you sit down to study you can see all your deadlines and create deadlines before deadlines as I have mentioned in previous blog posts.

3. Have a separate notebook for modules

I use to have one notebook that I would bring to all my modules and it would be a nightmare when I came to revising, it wasted a lot of time just organising them and ripping them out. Having separate notebooks makes this a lot easier as everything for that lecture is in the one place, week after week.

4. Organise your notes and handouts

Not many lectures will give handouts but just in case keep hold and make sure you organise them. I have got myself into a routine that when I get home after my lectures I spend less than 5 minutes just organising my notes into their own folders. This makes it easier when coming to revising for exams.

5. To-do list

Having a to-do list is so important. Spending a couple minutes a day just writing down the tasks you need to complete makes life so much easier. I have a windows laptop so I installed Microsoft’s app called ‘Microsoft To-Do: List, Task & Reminder’ its so easy to use and I advise that you get into a habit of using that as you avoid going to sleep at night and having a quick panic because you forgot a deadline was the next day.