Getting organised for your ESSAYS!

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Some essays can be a lot easier than others. If you give yourself a deadline before the deadline and writing to-do lists along the way, you can possibly avoid the last minute stress of getting your essay perfect and in on time. Stress will always pop up here and there but putting things into place to help avoid it can also reflect in your work.

1. Examining the title

Before you begin writing your essay always pay close attention to the title you have chosen/been given. Making sure you read every word and really understand what the question is asking. Before I begin my writing I always carefully read the title and do a quick essay plan to write down any information I already know around the topic. This then allows me to find my articles a lot easier based on what I already know.

2. Finding articles

The perfect articles can be annoying to find, there is just so much to look at. One way I have been able to tackle this is by searching up keywords on the university‚Äôs online library or google scholar from the essay title or my essay plan I quickly put together. Make sure you read the abstract of the article before you start saving and reading it as it might not be relevant. Once you have found a bunch of articles that are happy with you can organise them into folders based on the arguments you will make. Saving all the articles will make it easier for when you’re doing references.

3. Essay plan

Writing an essay plan is vital to getting every point across. I use to feel comfortable enough just writing my essays based on the article I was just reading or writing and finding the reference later. Now that I have explored how to write essay plans I have noticed an increase in my grades. I actually can’t believe I use to do my essays that way, looking back the work I was producing was so unstructured.

4. References

Doing your references as you go is the best way to get them completed. I like to keep mine on a separate word document so I can add them in as I go. I’ve not really found a better way to do it, I have tried using referencing tools such as EndNote but they don’t appeal to me I found it quite difficult to use.

5. Proofread

The last thing I want to do after I have completed an essay is reading over it again. When I complete my essays I like to leave a day in between finishing my essay and proofreading. If you panic like me you might want to leave proofreading at least a day before the deadline so you have time to really get your final essay perfect.