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Back to Uni: New Year, New Me!

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Summer is coming to an end and the new university year is approaching. One thing we are all guilty of saying is “Next semester I will do better” but we never put anything in place in order to actually be better. This blog post is dedicated to making that change we keep telling ourselves we will do “next semester”.

1. Having a routine

The first step to getting organised for the new university year is to develop a routine. Having a weekly schedule of when you do what will help you get those deadlines completed on time rather than the night before. It’s understandable that sticking to a routine 24/7 will not appeal to some, but being aware and having something in place shows your effort to get more organised.

Things to include in your routine is the days you’ll attend the library, do your food shop and attend the gym (if that’s your thing). This will make it easier to fit your deadlines around the things you are committed to. It’s important to have a healthy balance between university and your life otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed and your productivity will be at an all time low.

2. A deadline before the deadline

Essays and exams all have their own deadline. Setting yourself a deadline before the original deadline will give you extra time to add any final touches to your essay or do some extra reading for your exam. This will help reduce stress, especially the night before. Having these deadlines will help you keep on top of your workload and ensure that the work you are producing is to the best of your ability.

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